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EgoPilot - An Introduction

Self - The Center of Our Conscious Universe

We live in a world where each individual’s self is the center of his or her own conscious universe.  Our awareness and influences emanate from this center of consciousness like expanding concentric circles. The closer things are to us, the greater will be their relevance, and our ability to influence them.  The farther things are from us, the less of them we can see or understand, and the less we can affect them in any  significant way.

We may be aware of the light that shines from a distant star far away across the universe, however, we can do little but observe the flickering light that reflects the energies and actions that occurred in that star millions of years ago.  What we can see of the star is too far away and too far in the past for us to be able to do anything about it. We can merely watch and enjoy its flicking light, and maybe wonder about what might be happening way over there.

Though the principle that things that are closer are more relevant and easier to examine, understand, and influence, is generally true, it becomes quite paradoxical when we turn the focus inward on ourselves, and try to be aware of, understand, and influence the things that are inside of us, the things that actually make up our selves and our consciousness.  In some ways, looking into ourselves is kind of like looking out at those distant stars way out in the universe.  What’s inside of us can seem just as far away, mysterious, and as difficult to affect or change as the distant star.  It is like looking at an inner universe.  The deeper we get into ourselves, the less we seem to be able to navigate, understand, and affect about what makes us tick.

We have learned how to map the solar system, the galaxies, the distant stars and planets.  We have even learned how to navigate through deep dark space and send probes and rovers to other planets.  We have developed amazing telescopes though which to better see and map the skyscapes around our planet.  We face the same challenges when attempting to explore the deep dark spaces inside our heads.  However, we don’t have the same kinds technology of probes, rovers, and telescopes to help us look into ourselves.

There is no doubt that information about our inner universe is much more relevant and useful to us than information about outer space.  If we are equipped with better information about our bodies, brains, emotions, thoughts, intellect, motivations, and minds, we should be able to affect, manage, or even change more about ourselves.  Whereas, even the best telescopic views of some distant galaxy, will not empower us to change anything about it, I humbly submit, that self knowledge and understanding are the most relevant and useful information we can discover. Consequently, investments in developing better self knowledge and self understanding seem to make perfect sense.

So, how do we go about developing helpful self awareness and self understanding?  We can’t simply set up telescopes and look into our own heads.  Our methods and processes would need to be different to those used to look at the outer physical universe.  This is where EgoPilot can help.  EgoPilot is an approach to learning that focuses on self understanding.  It promotes the use of strategies such as self reflection, guided introspection, meditation, self mapping, journaling, and self analysis to arrive at better pictures of our complete selves.  

  • If we can develop better pictures of what and who we are, we will be in a better position to understand our fundamental needs and wants. 

  • If we can understand our fundamental needs and wants, we will be in a better position to design intelligent strategies and plans to meet those needs. 

  • If we better understand what we are as physical human beings, who we are as emotional beings, who we are as intellectual beings, who we are as social beings, and who we are as spiritual beings, we can be in better position to identify what we need to be successful, fulfilled, and happy. 

  • If we know where we are now, in terms of fulfilling our needs and wants, and where we want to be in order to be successful in our life goals, then we will be in a better position to plan, develop, and implement strategies to achieve those important life goals

Accurate self knowledge can empower us to achieve important life goals.  This is its fundamental value to humans.  EgoPilot aims to help us increase our self knowledge and self understanding so that we can better set and attain meaningful life goals.

EgoPilot can provide helpful insights, tools, strategies, guidance, seminars, and coaching for individuals seeking to better understand, develop, and empower themselves to fulfill important life roles and reach their goals.


What is EgoPilot?


Let us begin by defining a few key terms we will use in our discussions.


ego |ˈēɡō|

- a person's sense of self-esteem or self-importance

- Psychoanalysis - the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity.

- Philosophy (in metaphysics) a conscious thinking subject.

pilot |ˈpīlət|
a person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.

- a person with expert local knowledge qualified to take charge of a ship entering or leaving confined waters; a helmsman.

- archaic a guide or leader.

egopilot |ˈēɡōˌpīlət|
that which guides, directs, or pilots the human ego or
conscious self.

lifestyle |ˈlīfˌstīl|
the way in which a person or group lives


self |self|


- a person's essential being that distinguishes him or her from others, especially considered as the object of introspection or reflexive action

- a person's particular nature or personality; the qualities that make a person individual or unique

- one's own ideas, beliefs, values, interests, priorities, or pleasures.

EgoPilot is a Lifestyle

  • an approach to life, learning, living, and goal achievement based on self observation and inquiry, self-understanding, self-acceptance, self-empowerment, and self-actualization

  • a lifestyle which promotes reflective thinking and learning, and uses guided introspection to increase a sense of realism and perspective, to improve self understanding and self acceptance, for life management, for creating life meaning, purpose, and value, and for life appreciation and celebration.

  • a lifestyle which promotes healthy natural living though understanding and planning for important physical needs such as nutrition, rest, exercise, recreation, and meaningful work.

  • a lifestyle which promotes a better understanding and acceptance of our fundamental emotional instincts, drives, needs, and wants, how they serve us, and how we can manage them to  achieve successful life experiences and outcomes.

  • a lifestyle which promotes the development and use of the human intellect for the purpose of better understanding and accepting the realities of life and the world, for managing our physical and emotional selves, and for setting and achieving important strategic goals in life.


  • a lifestyle which promotes building and maintaining healthy relationships.


  • a lifestyle which promotes identifying, understanding, developing, and strategic use of personal or individual powers, social or group powers, cultural influence, and political powers in pursuit of individual life goals, balanced or limited by what is necessary for the greater good.


  • a lifestyle which promotes creating positive and rewarding life experiences which can motivate, elevate, enrich, and sustain the human spirit.


  • a lifestyle which understands and accepts the true nature of humans in the universe, and seeks to find available spaces in the universe in which to live, create meanings and values, enjoy life, and be satisfied with living.

The human self is a complex set of individual features that spans a range of physical, tangible, and intangible dimensions. Each individual is a unique self and experiences life subjectively through his or her own consciousness. Awareness and understanding of self varies widely from person to person.

EgoPilot attempts to create descriptive frameworks through which to better define, discuss, focus on, raise awareness about, carefully examine, and better understand, the true nature of our selves. It also seeks to provide tools and strategies that can be helpful in personal growth, goal setting and attainment, and increasing personal rewards and fulfillment in life.

The EgoPilot approach is based on the following principles:

  • Greater self awareness can lead to better self understanding.


  • Better self understanding can lead to self acceptance and more effective self management.


  • Effective self management can produce more successful goal achievement and self empowerment.

  • Self empowerment can lead to more rewarding life experiences and a satisfying lifestyle.

In our travels through life, we have several options from which to choose.  If we want to go somewhere, we may choose to travel on a train, or an airplane, by car, bicycle, or motorcycle, an off-road truck, or, we may decide to walk along the established pathways.  Very few will choose to hike through the forests and find or make their own pathways.  It is mainly for those few that EgoPilot exists, however, this approach can be used by anyone who seeks to better understand and improve the self. 

EgoPilot - Caution!

This approach to learning, thinking, and development, is better suited for those who consider themselves open-minded learners, reality-based thinkers, and free spirits, and have taken responsibility for their own successes and happiness in life.  Much of the information, concepts, and reasoning, used in this approach is likely to create significant cognitive dissonance or major intellectual conflict for those who subscribe to more traditional thinking and belief patterns, or who rely on authoritarian directions, fear of punishment, or blind faith, for guidance in life.  EgoPilot relies on uncovering naked truths about ourselves. In this regard, this approach is intensely personal and self-invasive. Some may find such an approach or the truths it reveals unpalatable or out of alignment with what we have  been taught or prefer to believe about ourselves, but it may be the only effective way for some of us to improve ourselves and navigate though the real challenges of our real lives in the real world.

Though EgoPilot is intended to be helpful to all who have the capacity and desire to learn and think for themselves, I do recognize that not everyone may currently be of the state of mind to benefit.  For those who need to be led and saved by greater powers, this approach may not work.  However, for those who would still like to explore EgoPilot, even with a foundation of faith in higher powers, there are still many aspect of this approach that can help.  After all, even those with faith-based belief systems agree that, "God helps those who help themselves".  I simply suggest that you proceed with caution and expect to encounter ideas that may challenge your traditional ways of thinking and beliefs.  The intent of this approach is not to take anything away from anyone, but to add or improve, where possible.

This approach is non-religious and does not seek to preach, indoctrinate, evangelize, convert, or make followers.  It is in fact, the opposite of those things.  It seeks to empower  individuals to think for themselves, learn for themselves and about themselves, and take responsibility for the actions and outcomes over which we have control.  It relies on facts and information available in the real world, and never claims any special insight or understanding beyond what which any normal human mind can achieve.

There are no panaceas, quick fixes, or easy formulas for sale here.  If such things worked, there would be no need for this reality-based approach to learning and living. EgoPilot requires risky self-exposure, careful and honest study, critical thinking, hard work, discipline, and personal responsibility.  This is not just another feel-good approach.  In fact, initially, and at many points along the journey of self discovery and self-development, there will be many difficult and painful discoveries and experiences.  EgoPilot is not intended to simply make one feel good for a while, without actually changing the important underlying factors that lead to bad feelings.  It is an approach that is at times painful, but if followed, can lead to real life improvements and outcomes that result in better feelings about self, life, and living.  

All have been warned.  Proceed with caution if you dare.  Just remember though, there is no birth without pain. A  seed cannot germinate and grow into a fruitful tree until it first breaks open and abandons the hard shell that encloses it. It must then extend its roots into the ground to find nutrients from outside of itself.  In time, it will shoot up and grow into the open air and sunlight above the ground and bear its own fruit.  Good luck exploring, learning, and growing.

EgoPilot does not offer pyschotherapy, clinical mental health assessments or interventions, or psychological assessment services.  It is a self-development approach based on an educational model and shared insights and practices.  If your concerns may be clinical in nature, we recommend that you seek assistance from a licensed mental health professional.

To learn more about EgoPilot, or to continue your own journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, or to share insights with others who are also on this journey, please subscribe and become a member.

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